My goal is to help you deliver interesting, focused and therefore memorable presentations. Presentations that capture hearts and minds. Presentations that help you move your projects forward. I can work with you on creating new presentations as well as coaching you on how to renovate existing ones. I also offer workshops to help you and your team to learn to create your own winning presentations.
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I’ll help you design a presentation from scratch using the 4 groups of presentation design elements:  structural, visual, emotional and theatrical.  I use an analog to digital design process. Also know as sticky notes. If you want, I can also create all the visuals you need. (using PowerPoint).  Besides working with you on the design process I can  coach you on your presentation delivery.


A presentation renovation provides analysis and redesign of an existing presentation. The focus is to maximize your impact on your target audience. I do this point by point and/or slide by slide with either an individual or a team.  I can also create visuals to support your presentation using PowerPoint.


Workshops are one of the things I enjoy doing the most. The Win Your Presentation workshop covers presentation design and delivery concepts. It can be a half day, full day or 2 day session depending on your team’s needs.   The workshop is designed to give sales/marketing people the foundation they need to create, interesting, focused, memorable presentations.

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