Maybe I Can Help

I’m interested in working with people who want to make a difference.  If you can imagine something better and you need some support to make a positive difference in the world, you may be in the right place. I work pro bono for charities and non profits.

Graphic Design Projects

Charities, small businesses, musicians and non profit organizations  require graphic design support for special projects and fundraising events.  I’ve done posters, logos, Facebook banners and a lot of other graphic design pieces to help with advertising and promotion.   My Pinterest site has over 500 examples of my work.  Maybe there is something I can do to help you?  See my Poster Gallery on this site for poster ideas that may help promote your project or event. 

My Contact Me page is where we can begin the conversation about your event or project.  

Presentation Creation & Coaching

​For the last 10 years I have given dozens of workshops on presentation design and delivery.  I know that charities and non profit organizations have to give presentations from time to time. Sometimes you need to educate the public or a government department or agency. And sometimes you are giving a presentation in order to get a project funded  If you need some help with a presentation I can help you with that.

For information on what I do in presentation design and delivery you can go to my Refuse to Be Boring  presentation design website. 

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